An Idea I’m Kicking Around…


I have an idea that I'm kicking around. Last week I asked my manager if it would be possible for me to take 4 weeks of unpaid leave this coming February or March. It's not a done deal yet, but it sounds hopeful that management will say yes.

I was thinking of riding south on my current motorcycle, but to go south on the coast all the way from BC to Mexico in winter on a small motorcycle might not be all that much fun.

The idea I have is to fly somewhere in Mexico (I can get direct flights cheap from Victoria to Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta), buy a little motorbike, and then ride around for the month. From looking at web sites, it looks like I could buy a Japanese 125cc bike (similar to the little red bike I had when I worked there) for about 15,000 to 20,000 pesos new. At the end of the month, I can either sell the motorcycle cheap, or find somewhere to store it until the next visit. If I come into Mexico with a foreign vehicle I have to take it out again - but if I buy within Mexico that's not an issue.

I also remember that there was a Yamaha and a couple of other motorbike dealerships in Huatulco, so it might actually make sense to buy a motorcycle in Huatulco, get it all registered and plated there, and then use Huatulco as a base to go riding in Oaxaca or Chiapas.

My biggest concern would be getting the paperwork done, as I don't have a work visa. From what I've read, dealerships are happy to sell a bike to anyone with the cash, but it's getting a plate so you can go out on highways that may be a problem. When I think back to when I lived in HUX, I think I had to show my work visa and a proof of address (phone bill, electic bill, etc.) to the local transit authority to get a licence plate.