My Old Motorcycle Stuff…

For several years my one passion in life was to tour by motorcycle. I was never happier than when I rode down the road on a motorcycle with a tent and a sleeping bag.  I used to ride about 15,000 kilometers per year, mostly either my daily commute or short day trips in the Victoria-Vancouver BC area. I also toured in other countries by motorcycle for periods ranging anywhere from a week to a month. Below are links to daily journals I kept during these motorcycle tours.

I receive an email every week or so from people asking me about some of my trips, so here are my favorites:

 Southwest USA 2001

Hornby Island 2000

Oregon 1999

India 1999

India '99 postscript

New Zealand 1998

Banff (Rockies) 1998

California 1997

Arizona 1996

Australia 1996

Costa Rica 1995

Northern BC 1995

Mexico 1994

New Zealand 1993

Bonus… Australia 1925

And I receive a lot of emails asking me about the Suzuki Savage 650 that I used to own, especially the carburetor modification…

1997 Suzuki Savage LS650

NEW  Wow!  I bought a new motorcycle last year.  It's a 250cc sportbike called a Kawasaki Ninja 250r.